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ROSTOV-on-DON is based in 1749. The city in south Russian Federation, center of the Rostov province.

Port on Don River, in 46 kms from her in the Azov Sea. Administrative and Territorial Division. Population.

Photo Postament Mitropolit Dmitri Rostov Rostov-on-Don

Rostov - on - Don

The region ranks 5th place in Russia in terms of the population. Refers to as Rostov in honor Mitropolit Dmitri Rostov.

The Rostov region includes 463 municipal units which consist of 12 municipal districts, 43 municipal regions, 18 cities and towns and 390 rural settlements. Administrative centre of the Rostov region and the Southern Federal District is Rostov-on-Don with a population more than 1 million people.

Rostov-on-Don is large industrial, cultural and scientific centre, river port and important transportation hub.

In 2002 the city became the capital of the Southern Federal District attained additional political and economic importance.

Region’s main cities are Taganrog – with a population of 281.9 thousand people, Shakhty with a population 254.7 thousand people, Novocherkassk with a population 184.47 thousand people, Volgodonsk with a population 172.4 thousand people and Novoshakhtinks with a population 117.6 thousand people.

The population of the region is 4,4 million people. More than 2/3 of the population live in cities and towns.

• The firm YUREAL ltd is based November 19, 1992. Then the company called «Ayax Ltd»

• Since January, 1994 the firm began to work on deliveries spices various meat manufacturers and others to the food enterprises of the Rostov area.

• Lately firm has occupied a strong situation among the suppliers of the goods on the sausage of Don. Practically all manufacturers of meat products constantly work with our firm.

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Качественная работа, выполненная быстро и в срок

• The benefits of our joint job are doubtless. We always try to supply complete assortment of necessary products for food manufacture: spices, additive, casings - natural, artificial, belkozin, various phosphates, soy proteins, components, equipment accompanying goods, overalls and all rest.

• In 2000 in firm the department on sales of the equipment for processing meat is organized. The firm renders free-of-change advices of the highly skilled technologists of firm, including with departure on the enterprise. In 1998 is organized affiliated firm in Moscow, which carries the name "Roko". It allow increasing volumes of sales; it is duly to make purchases of the goods for Rostovs. The firm "Roko" has occupied a worthy place in the market of the suppliers of the goods for a meat industry in the Moscow region.

• In 2000 the representation of firm "Ajax" in Voronezh, which carries the names "Vajax".

• In 2001 the firm "YUREAL" has got in the property factory for food manufacture. And now there is a release of mixes spices for sausage manufacture "Yurimix". Manufacture is cerificated under all requirements hygiene.

Now "Yureal" actively develops. Contracts for delivery of different ingredients for sale to our clients, and also for our production of mixes of Yurimix spices are concluded. Our partners are firms producers from various countries: China, Germany, Denmark, Philippines, Indien, Vietnam, Turkey.

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